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NextGen Hosts the Official Database for the Classic Camp Series

Pelham, New York 8/11/2023

As the frontier of sports analytics continues to evolve, NextGen Prospect proudly introduces its premier data portal tailored to the Classic Camp Series. Specifically curated to meet the nuanced needs of college teams, coaches, and scouts, this cutting-edge platform offers invaluable athlete performance metrics, exclusive videos, and comprehensive scouting reports.

Central to the portal's capabilities is the groundbreaking Project MPH (Metric Performance Harness), which captures intricate athletic metrics, providing unparalleled insights to the end-users.

Portal Highlights:

Proprietary Video Catalog: Delivering a lens into athletes' on-field dynamics, enabling coaches to dissect techniques and scouts to hone in on raw potential.

Project MPH Data: Capturing instantaneous metrics such as speed, agility, and acceleration to help teams measure an athlete's physical prowess.

Verified Measureables: Offering teams a comprehensive view of an athlete’s physical potential, pivotal for roster strategy and recruitment.

Dom Zanot, NextGen’s Director of Sports Performance stated,

“Scouts/personnel departments meticulously analyze our showcase performance metrics because of the consistency, standardization and use of world-class testing equipment. The athletic performance reports consistently show themselves as a valuable tool for decision-making in the recruitment and draft process.”

Brian Hawkins, Classic Series Director, shared,

“This partnership with NextGen Prospect will provide college coaches and player personnel with athletic and arthrometric data that is acquired from best-in-class validated technology and clearly defined protocols. Coupling this with NFL quality filming using state-of-the-art equipment will provide evaluators with film to evaluate core critical factors.”

Marc Vitticore, Founder of NextGen Prospect, commented,

“The Classic Series Showcase data represents a necessary step forward in our database. With our user-friendly technology and the expertise of our scouting team, we are offering a detailed level of accuracy and insight into athlete evaluation. Our goal is to empower coaches, recruiters, and teams with the data they need to make informed and strategic decisions."

NextGen Logic, NGP’s dedicated analytics division, seamlessly integrates with the Classic Camp Series data, transforming raw metrics into actionable insights. Using cutting-edge algorithms and analytical approaches, NGP transforms each data point from mere information into powerful tools for decisive action.

This synergy between NextGen Logic and the Classic Series provides teams with an unparalleled advantage, turning rich data into strategic game-changers on the field.

College teams, scouts, and coaches looking for a competitive edge in talent evaluation will find NextGen Prospect's portal an indispensable tool. Offering not just data, but meaningful insights that promise to shape the future of sports recruitment.

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