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Here are some answers...

How do I register?

Players will receive a registration link after their nomination has been received.


There are 3 ways:

  1. Players can be nominated by their coach or trainer by filling out a Google form and sending to us

  2. Our Scouting team identifies and evaluates players throughout the year and contacts you via Twitter (make sure your DM's are open)

  3. Players can complete and submit Google form themselves

What is the format of a Classic Series Camp?

  • Verified measurements (Height, Weight)

  • Individual Period

  • Routes on Air

  • 1v1s (This segment of the camp is 75 minutes in length which maximizes repetitions for each player)

  • Combine testing (See testing page to learn more)


What are PODS?

Pods are smaller groups of players with matching abilities. Getting players of equal talent within a 1v1 context allows evaluators to compare traits against the best competition. We cap our PODS at a specific number to maximize repetitions. 


Do I have the option to choose between which Classic Series Camp I want to attend?

Yes. If, for example, a player is invited to a Camp, but there is a conflict due to another obligation on the date of that camp (Example: Track Meet), players can attend camp on another date.  


How do I obtain film from the camp?

Raw footage of the event will be available within 24 hours. Players will receive a Dropbox link via email that will allow them to download all 1v1 clips. There is no additional cost for the film. 

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