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Key highlights of Classic Camp Series Filming 

  • Players receive all raw footage to download & use following the camp (within 24 hours).

  • All 1v1s are filmed from multiple angles.

  • All selected position individual drills are filmed.

WR and DB 1v1s

  • Leverage

  • Breakpoint and Stem

  • Transition ability by the DB

17 ft vantage point behind the WR and DB during 1v1s provide evaluators a bird’s eye view that allows college coaches to see elements of the 1v1 that are difficult to see from the sideline.


  • Throwing sequence

  • Trajectory of throw 

  • Ball placement/Accuracy

17 ft vantage point behind the QB provides college coaches with the vantage point to see 

OL and DL/Edge 1v1s

  • Stance (ankle, knee and hip mobility) 

  • Upfield burst and pass setting

  • Use of hands and overall mobility

  • Play strength at the point of attack

Every repetition is filmed from 2 angles (Ground level and elevated 17 ft tight angle) allowing evaluators to observe and document performance that is supported by the film.

Ground Level View

17 ft Tight Angle View

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